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2014 has been a very creative year here at Till Guitars. Early on, I introduced "Shorty Joe" (Click), a 3/4 size guitar with a super-fast and fun 23 1/4 inch scal
e. That's about 2 1/2 inches shorter than most full size guitars. A shorter scale means that each fret is proportionately closer to the next, so you don't have to stretch your fingers so far to form those five dollar jazz chords.
You can tune it to standard E where the strings are loose and easy to bend, or you can tune it up to F or F# where you get a more chimey tone, sort of like a mandolin.

Shorty Joe 3/4 size with Walnut cap

Three-quarter size guitars are not rare, but they are not usually made very well. They tend to have bad intonation with strings a mile high. Most are closer to being toys than real musical instruments. Not Shorty Joe. I think that if a beginner has to fight the instrument too much to play it, they'll lose interest and never pick it up again. But, don't get me wrong, Shorty Joes are made for professionals. They just happen to be 3/4 size. I use all of the same skills to make these little brutes play as easily as my other models. Everybody will love Shorty Joe!

The Shorty Joe Bass

And just recently I added The Shorty Joe Bass to the catalog. Its 30 inch scale will appeal to anyone who finds a full size bass to be too much to handle. Guitarists will find it easy to switch back to guitar after tracking the bass part. It fits in a regular guitar case and the first editions are weighing in at about 7 1/2 pounds.
Both Shorty Joe models are ideal for kids, but even pros will love 'em for how easy they play and how good they sound. Not to mention how cute they are.
Knock-kneed and Pigeon toed

I also built my first Double-Neck Guitar/Bass this year with a 24 3/4 inch six string guitar on top and a 30 inch bass on the bottom. You can do anything you want with it, but I designed it mainly to be used with a looping pedal. You can play both necks through a single amp, or send each neck to separate amps. Quite fun. Like a one-man-band. It's amazing how much a simple bass line can add to your guitar playing... mine, anyway.
Most double-neck 6/4s have the bass on top, for some reason. I put the bass on the bottom and slid the whole thing back so that both nuts line up. This way it's an easy transition from guitar to bass - just unbend your elbow and your hand winds up right where you would normally pluck bass strings. And, because the headstocks line up together, neither gets in the way of the other.

To avoid that same problem with the tuning machines, I arranged them in-line on opposite sides.

Of course, throughout the year I continued to refine and improve my original 2 guitar models, the TG-100 "Solo" and the TG-250 "Lady on the Beach". Check out my long awaited Baritone version of the TG-250. I completed a couple more Till Basses, too.
By luck of the draw, a beautiful Koa and Shedua capped Solo
became my 200th guitar in 18 years. Keep an eye out for that one.

TG-250 Baritone

By now you've probably noticed that if you click on the red highlighted words (except these ones), you'll go to a page about that subject. Another way to see everything on this site is to click the red "Next" buttons at the bottom of each page (psych!). If you see any "Page 2" buttons, click them, too. If you get in any trouble, wave your arms and run in a zig-zag pattern. That works for so many things!

Till Bass with Zebrawood Cap

I try to keep my Currently Available Guitars Page up to date. The way that works is... you go there, wait for one to call your name, then you This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask for more information about it. The more specific you are, the more specific I'll be. I'll get back to you asap with detailed answers and probably a few questions. I discuss pricing here, but I don't get too specific because every guitar I make is unique.

Dye Coloring under Clear Lacquer

TillGuitars.com is just my introduction to you, like an online brochure. But, if you want the most juicy gossip and current information about Till Guitars, check out the Joe Till Guitars Facebook Page. I do my best to post as many pictures of my work in all phases of construction that I can. I include some tutorials and videos of my construction methods, and so on. Once there, I'd really appreciate any comments, likes or anything else you'd care to leave - including your own website and booking details. All I ask is that you please tell your friends about my work.

From my hands to yours...

Till Guitars are Built by Hand from start to finish. I can't imagine another way to build a musical instrument. Automated and computerized machinery (robots) by definition can only make copies. You won't find any of that here. You get nothing but the real deal from Till Guitars. After 18 years of makin' these things, I'm still a one man operation. My big dream is to one day have a helper... maybe someone to take over this computer stuff because my time is much better spent out in the woodshop. But for as long as there is a Till Guitars, we will always celebrate basic woodworking skills. (Yay!)

TG-250 Setneck with Strings-Thru-Body

After you're done looking around, please contact me with any questions/comments. You can't just click a button and buy one of my guitars from this site. I'm afraid you're gonna have to deal directly with me. Ideally, you can make your way to my shop in Westlake Village, Ca., but if that's not possible, let's plan to have a few good back-and-forths through email or on the phone.

By the way, I have a growing body of video demos on the Joe Till Guitars Channel on Youtube. And it's no big deal to shoot a video on my phone if you see something here that you don't see on Youtube. Just remember, the camera adds 10 pounds... to each cheek (Why, that's 40 lbs!).

Original Designs, All Handmade

If my sUbliMinAl messaging is working, some of you have found your way here from Ebay. Welcome! Just one more step and you've saved yourself a bundle (write or call me). Yes, I think they do have a value, like allowing people all around the world see my work, but 13 percent is a bit much. I know some brick and mortar stores that charge less to consign. In fact, this year I've begun to place my work in stores again, after quite a few years without. Things are starting to feel a little better... sometimes... for a little while... sometimes... awhile back.

Elegant Sunburst TG-250

One thing I've really noticed when I walk into music stores, though, is how identical everything is starting to look. Like everything was stamped out of the same machine, dipped in some funky plastic and shipped off to the mall. Boring! I mean, I get it. There's some kind of comfort in that. All those familiar old names, 75 year old designs... I tell people that I want to be their 5th guitar. Everybody's gotta have their Strat for the Dire Straights stuff, a Les Paul for the heavy stuff, a Martin for that stuff, and a PRS to prove... something. Then you get a Till Guitar when you want some real inspiration.

Please read on. Take your time. And stop back by from time to time to keep an eye on my progress. Look around the web to see what others are saying about my work (I hate doing that!). And whenever you're ready to, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . I've had customers tell me that they met me at some guitar show somewhere five years earlier and had kept my guitars in the back of their mind the whole time. I know it can take a long time to wrap your head around new things.







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